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The Agribusiness program has been really busy this fall semester with in projects in the courses and increasing our community service projects.  Students are given hands on experience to learn the materials.  There are projects both in and out of the classroom to enhance the understanding of the subject material.  Guest speakers were brought into the classroom to talk about their industries and what the future holds in jobs and skills needed to be successful.  The speakers included companies like Pioneer, Case IH, Becks, Jenner Sales, and several others. 

Students were in the field learning about the value of cover crops, weed identification, and soil productivity.  Projects in the class included bringing other classes and high school classes to Vincennes University to teach other about alternative energies of wind, methane gas, and solar power.  The four year students were able to attend a farm auction, make a magazine, and examine the supply chain that our crops have.  The four year students work during the day and take several classes during the evening.  

The Agribusiness Technology Club’s activities included carving pumpkins, setting out flags for the Indiana Presbyterian Church for Veteran’s Day, and parades.  The club’s members are Collegiate FFA and Collegiate Farm Bureau members.  Members are able to attend the National Conventions of both organizations.  

Vincennes University Agribusiness Technology ClubAgribusiness students are involved in many activities throughout their time at Vincennes University.  They have the opportunity to get their Associates Degree and continue their attendance to get their Agribusiness Concentration, BS Technology degree.  Many of the graduates will get jobs in fertilizer facilities, grain elevators, and seed dealerships, just to name a few.


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Agribusiness--the industries servicing agriculture or providing value-adding processes to agricultural products—accounts for one in six jobs and nearly one-fifth of the U.S. gross national product. Business from large multinational corporations to new input supply and emerging food manufacturing continue their strong demand for more employees with increased skills in Agribusiness.

VU Advantages:

  • Numerous Scholarships


  • VU provides free tutoring opportunities and faculty who are available outside of class to assist with student’s studies.

  • Opportunities for involvement

    • Student trustee

    • Alpha Beta Gamma Honor Society

    • Student Ambassadors

    • Student tutors

    • Campus Activities Board

    • Internships


  • Credentialed full-time faculty

    • Vincennes University classes are taught by full-time, experienced faculty who are on campus to offer support to the students.  The faculty bring real world experiences into the classroom their prior work experience but also hold credentials to teach at the college level. 

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