Art and Design

The art and design department offers associate of science degrees in fine art, graphic design, art education, and pre-art therapy.

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Our NASAD accredited programs are designed for transfer and further study in these and other art and design related fields.

Excellent MFA credentialed faculty provide exciting creative experiences to help you build a portfolio and grow as an artist. The full-time art and design faculty at Vincennes University are fully credentialed professionals with Master of Fine Arts degrees from some of the top colleges and universities in the country. Faculty are able to provide individualized attention and expertise due to the small student to faculty ratio. Desire, dedication, and honest hard work are encouraged and expected in art classes at VU. The faculty provides opportunities for you to use your creative insights and ideas to build an outstanding portfolio.

Drawing, design, and art history are the main focus of the first year. Second year courses cover a wide range of studio areas from which to choose depending on your interests, preparation, and educational goals. Capstone courses in portfolio development help you prepare to transfer with a top-notch professional presentation.

As a member of the National Portfolio Day Association, (NPDA), Vincennes University's Art and Design department has a portfolio admissions requirement which must be met prior to or within the first year of studies in Art and Design at VU. The requirement can be met through: independent review with advisor or faculty, scholarship portfolio submission, or National Portfolio Day review with VU faculty.

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