Vincennes University English Department

The Department of English

at Vincennes University

Announces the Twenty-Second Annual


Autumn Voices

Creative Writing Contest

for High School Students


Submission Guidelines:


Any student enrolled in grades 9 through 12 may submit poetry or short stories. All submissions are to be typed using double-spacing, one-inch margins, and a standard font and size (Times New Roman 12 point). Each submission must be accompanied by a separate, completed cover sheet. All work must be the original work of the student. We are providing a cover sheet for duplication as needed. The cover sheet is also available online at the Autumn Voices site available on the department webpage (see information below).  Students should have a Word document file that they can submit for publishing if chosen. 

Students may submit a maximum of three poems and one short story. All work must be titled.  A student may submit in both categories and must use his or her legal name.


          Send your entries to:                Autumn Voices Contest

                                                            c/o Juenell Owens

                                                            Dept. of English, SH-15

                                                            Vincennes University

                                                            Vincennes, IN 47591


Entries are due December 5, 2016:  Winners will be announced Early Spring 2017.



All First Place, Second Place, and Honorable Mention recipients will be published in The Best of Autumn Voices 2016 and receive certificates.  First Place winners will receive a $75 VU Old Post bookstore gift card, and Second Place winners will receive a $50 VU Old Post bookstore gift card.  All published students will be recognized on campus, with the date and time to be announced.


For more information, contact Prof. Juenell Owens (812) 888-6822 (; a copy of this invitation and the cover sheet will be available at

and linked with the Facebook page at


Invitation and Cover Form available HERE




The Vincennes University

English Outreach Committee

is pleased to announce the 2015-2016 winners

of the annual Autumn Voices Writing Contest



 Short Story

        First Place—“Methinks He’s Run Away”

Seaonna Michaels (Terre Haute North Vigo High School)

        Second Place—“The Coal Miner”

Abigail Love (Lawrenceville High School)


Short Story

        First Place—“The Family’s All Here”

Tori Schoelkopf (North Knox Jr/Sr High School)

        Second Place—“Short Life, Shot Story”

Aubrey Wagner (Forest Park Jr/Sr High School)


  All winners will receive certificates of merit.  First and Second Place winners will receive an engraved plaque noting their achievement.

  All student participants, their families, and sponsoring teachers are invited to attend the reception recognizing the published writers.

  Additionally, Asst. Prof. Jesse Coomer and the English Majors Group/Creative Writing Group will host a Writer’s Workshop following the reception.


Presentation:  May 3, 11:00 a.m. (EST) in Shircliff Auditorium

The reception will follow at approximately 11:45 a.m., in Shircliff E228

with the workshop beginning at 12:30 p.m. in Shircliff E229. 

We hope you will all stay for the workshop which will last approximately one hour; faculty and parents are welcome to attend

but are also free to relax, speak with faculty, or explore campus.



Thank you, students and teachers, for the wonderful submissions. 



Juenell Owens 888-6822


Visit us on Facebook:!/pages/Vincennes-University-Autumn-Voices/155099607840986


Written Submissions included

in 2015-2016 Autumn Voices Creative Writing


Methinks He’s Run Away                                 Seaonna Michaels

(First Place – Poetry)                                           Terre Haute North Vigo High School

The Coal Miner                                                   Abigail Love

(Second Place – Poetry)                                     Lawrenceville High School

The Family’s All Here                                       Tori Schoelkopf

(First Place – Short Story)                                  North Knox Jr/Sr High School

Short Life, Short Story                                       Aubrey Wagner  

(Second Place – Short Story)                             Forest Park Jr/Sr High School

“Our”                                                                    Kiersten Haas

                                                                                Forest Park Jr/Sr High School

Ignition                                                                 Dylan Greulich

                                                                                Forest Park Jr/Sr High School

How to See in Color                                           Michaela Moore

                                                                                Lawrenceville High School

Fragments                                                            Amy Metz

                                                                                Forest Park Jr/Sr High School

Remember Me                                                     Jackson Smith

                                                                                Rivet High School

Listen                                                                     Brianna Eckert

                                                                                Forest Park Jr/Sr High School

My Worst Nightmare                                         Rebecca Hauser

                                                                                Barr-Reeve Middle/High School

Keep Walking                                                      Rachel Hoffman

                                                                                Forest Park Jr/Sr High School

Night Bullets                                                        Jurnee Davis

                                                                                Barr-Reeve Middle/High School

Results of Your Decision                                   Sarah Pund

                                                                                Forest Park Jr/Sr High School

I Cannot Nap                                                       Stephen J. Wilson

                                                                                Barr-Reeve Middle/High School

The Power of Numbers                                      Mackenzie Voegerl

                                                                                Forest Park Jr/Sr High School

The Changes                                                        Hannah Weyer

                                                                                Forest Park Jr/Sr High School

Midnight Blood                                                  Amelia Raelene Seward

                                                                                Freedom Academy

Self Worth                                                            Amy Troesch

                                                                                Forest Park Jr/Sr High School

Home Became a House                                     Mackenzie Voegerl

                                                                                Forest Park Jr/Sr High School

“Beauty” Rears Its Ugly Head                        McKenna Birrrell

                                                                                Jasper High School

Haunted                                                                Grace Personett

                                                                                Terre Haute North Vigo High School

I Believe                                                                Donald Mehling

                                                                                Forest Park Jr/Sr High School

Reunions                                                               Keith Hart

                                                                                Barr-Reeve Middle/High School

Heart of Glass                                                      Hailey Thayer

                                                                                Forest Park Jr/Sr High School

We Will All Be Robbed                                     Keith C. Hart

                                                                                Barr-Reeve Middle/High School

Who Are You?                                                     Kayla Miller

                                                                                Terre Haute North Vigo High School

The Blue Popsicle                                               Isaac Herndon

                                                                                Forest Park Jr/Sr High School

Gone Hunting                                                      Keith Hamilton

                                                                                Terre Haute North Vigo High School

Generations                                                          Mackenzie L. Hudson

                                                                                Barr-Reeve Middle/High School

Crooked                                                                Emma Tohill

                                                                                Terre Haute North Vigo High School

Rumors                                                                  Conner Persohn

                                                                                Forest Park Jr/Sr High School

Our Tree                                                                Ellie Hampton

                                                                                Terre Haute North Vigo High School

The Growing Willow                                          Kendyll Gaesser

                                                                                Forest Park Jr/Sr High School

Left Behind                                                          Emma Tohill

                                                                                Terre Haute North Vigo High School

Invasion                                                                Jody Henke

                                                                                Forest Park Jr/Sr High School

Beauty Within                                                     Sydney Bachman

                                                                                Jasper High School


Photographs from the Reception are available

by clicking HERE.