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Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society

Interested in meeting other students in Honors Program? Check out the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society at http://www.ptk.org/.


Scholarships Available: (Deadline: Jan. 1)

  • Presidential
  • Blue & Gold
  • Academic
  • Honors Additional scholarships based on selection of major, performance, and leadership are also available

Academic Benefits:

  • Individual Honors advising above and beyond the regular advisement offered within the student's major
    * Advanced registration privileges
    * Four-year academic schedule planning through transfer
    * Academic Honors transfer planning
  • Increased advantages for transfer acceptance into companion Honors programs:
    * Ball State University - existing 2+2 Agreement
    * Additional Honors programs will be considered
  • Class size limited to no more than 20 students in all Honors courses
  • Faculty committed to quality interaction with Honors students
  • Challenging interdisciplinary course opportunities
  • Skill development and increased confidence in both verbal and written presentation of ideas

Library Advantages:

  • Specialized librarian-assisted opportunities

Enrichment Opportunities:

  • Field trips for Honors affiliated activities
    * Regional/national conferences with other Honors faculty/students
    * Connection with Honors groups from other colleges & universities
  • Recognition dinner
  • Discussion panels
  • Social activities
  • Student Honors Council membership
    * Advisory body to the Honors Program administration
    * Representation with University-related groups

Graduation Recognition:

  • Identification of Honors courses as such on official college transcript
  • Acknowledgment of "University Honors Program Graduate" during graduation award ceremony
  • Receipt of a Vincennes University Honors Program diploma

Contact: Matthew Norman, mnorman@vinu.edu