A doctor of Chiropractic Medicine is a primary health care provider whose emphasis is the relationship of the structural and neurological aspects of the body, primarily the spine and nervous system.  Drugs and surgery are not part of the chiropractic philosophy.

The VU Advantage
Vincennes University’s Pre-Chiropractic program will provide you with the first two years of general education and supportive courses for transfer to a college of chiropractic medicine.

To help assure your successful future, VU also offers:

  • Smaller class sizes, usually fewer than 35 students, which means easier access to laboratory equipment and professors.
  • Classes and labs are conducted by qualified professors, not teaching assistants.
  • A better opportunity to master the fundamental principles that will carry you through your upper-level classes.
  • Free tutoring.
  • A study skills laboratory.
  • Caring faculty with a personal approach to teaching.

Important Information Regarding Transfer
You need to be aware that admission and graduation requirements change frequently at colleges and universities. It’s essential that you check with the transfer college you plan to attend to confirm you are meeting all admission and graduation requirements with your VU courses.

Note: Recommended courses assume any developmental requirements have been met.

Learn more about the courses required for this program.

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