Environmental Health Science

The environmental health degree you’re contemplating should be in high demand for many years as the need for health and safety scientists, public health administrators, and industrial hygiene specialists grows.  Federal and state “right-to-know” legislation has created new health and safety career opportunities in both the public and private sectors.

Why VU?

The Environmental Health Science program at Vincennes University is designed to transfer to Indiana State University or Purdue University for completion of the Bachelor of Science degree.  The focus is on chemistry, life sciences, and physics.

You’ll use traditional laboratory equipment such as burettes and pipettes, along with digital balances, gas chromatography, infrared spectrophotometer, and other electronic equipment that you may have only seen or heard about.  You’ll confirm your lab calculations with computer analysis and experience other procedures through computer simulations.

The VU Advantage

There are several advantages to beginning college at VU:

  • Class sizes are usually fewer than 35 students, which means easier access to laboratory equipment, as well as your instructor.
  • Study aids like the study skills lab, computer laboratories, and free tutoring.
  • A philosophy based on teaching, not research.
  • Qualified instructors, not a teaching assistant, conducting the laboratory sections.
  • An individual approach to teaching that ensures you will have every opportunity to master the fundamental science principles to carry you through your post-VU courses.

Learn more about the courses required for this program.

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