Red Skelton never turned his back on a person in need because he so vividly remembered his life as a poor boy. The famed comedian, actor, entertainer, pantomime, painter, composer and writer used his many talents to help others in need and raise millions of dollars for numerous humanitarian causes.

In fact, Red's well-known generosity continues to benefit the less fortunate today through the Red Skelton Needy Children's Christmas Clothing Fund. The fund provides new clothes to Vincennes school children from low-income families.

Vincennes University, the State of Indiana and friends of the famed Hoosier believe a person who gave so much to others deserves to be remembered with a landmark facility dedicated to his memory and achievements. The inspiring life story of Red Skelton needs to be preserved and told to future generations and his accomplishments and talents as an artist and performer need to be memorialized.

Friends of Red Skelton: The Red Skelton Foundation

Red Skelton had many friends and fans. That was obvious in the Indiana Legislature when the funds were approved for the construction of the Red Skelton Performing Arts Center. The Center cost approximately $17 million dollars to construct

Also, Mrs. Red Skelton has generously given Red Skelton costumes, awards, personal papers, music and prints of his artwork for exhibition. Mrs. Skelton's donation is an extraordinary treasure which tells the unique story of an internationally known entertainer. Red Skelton was a creative man, one who enjoyed entertaining people through his radio, television, theater and performance careers.

Mrs. Red Skelton writes:
"It was always quite clear to me that Red Skelton's personal memorabilia should go to Red's hometown, for his memory and good works to be cherished and enjoyed forever. Red himself had this same feeling and expressed it many times with no interest in having a memorial in Hollywood...This is a dream come true for the Skelton Family and for Red himself."

The birthplace of Red Skelton has been purchased to preserve an important part of the life of Red Skelton.

Funds are needed to restore the Red Skelton birthplace, prepare and preserve the Red Skelton collection for public display and underwrite the completion of the construction of the Red Skelton Gallery and Education Center. Donors who would like to be a part of preserving and presenting the Red Skelton life story may contact:

Dr. Phillip Summers
President Emeritus of Vincennes University and Coordinator for the Red Skelton Performing Arts Center Project.

Anne Pratt
Marketing Director
(812) 888-2105 or for more information
Visit Us:

We thank those who have already donated to the Red Skelton Project and hope many others will choose to do so. In addition to financial donations, some individuals have donated Red Skelton artwork, and other valuable pieces to the Red Skelton collection. It is an exciting time in the hometown of Red Skelton.

Please consider being a "Friend of Red Skelton" and donating to the project which will honor this legacy.