Geoscience, Agriculture, and Horticulture

The Geoscience curriculum at Vincennes University is designed to introduce students to a wide variety of subjects.  Courses in geology, geography, meteorology, astronomy, and oceanography provide a diverse background for future geoscience teachers, and for students who are undecided as to which area of geoscience they want to enter.

With recent changes requiring more high school science, many students are entering the earth science field to improve their career opportunities.

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A Promising Future
VU’s geoscience majors have transferred to a number of universities, both in and out of state, to complete B.S. degrees. Vincennes University is now offering a four-year degree program leading to licensing as an geoscience teacher in the secondary school system. Likewise, many students entering the program are soon captivated by a particular branch of geoscience and switch to a specialty such as geology, geography, or natural resources.

The VU Advantage

  • Small classes, usually fewer than thirty-five
  • Total emphasis on teaching, not research
  • A modern science/mathematics complex with excellent lab facilities
  • Mathematics and study centers for free tutoring when needed
  • Qualified professors who are available and willing to assist you in your studies
  • Use of equipment normally reserved for juniors and seniors

As much as anything, we stand on our past record.  It is with great pride that we watch former geoscience graduates successfully complete their degrees at other universities and begin their careers.  We see VU alumni employed in careers of geoscience across the state, region, and country.  We hope you will join their ranks.

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Mission Statement and Program Outcomes

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