College of Humanities

Humanities has long been the home to great to philosophers and writers, but a large number of humanities majors also go on to carers in business, law, and technology. A 2013 study done by the Association of American Colleges and Universities found that 78% of employers preferred job applicants knowledgeable about global issues and societies and cultures outside the U.S.; 80% found written and oral communication key; and 82% favored those with civic knowledge, skills, and judgment essential for contributing to the community and to our democratic society. These are all skills learned in the humanities.

 At Vincennes University, we offer a wide variety of college programs taught by highly qualified and professional faculty who can help you find the major that's perfect for you.

The Humanities Program at Vincennes University offers  students the opportunity to develop a unique major around a specific research interest or idea. Consolidated as an interdisciplinary degree, VU students have the ability to pull together courses from across a number of university programs and concentrations. 

Because of the flexibility of this major, students study a wide range of topics that go beyond traditional disciplines generally associated with Humanities studies, such as arts and literature.  Liberal Arts classes provide the basic foundation for the Humanities Degree, many students integrate courses from other university Colleges of Academic studies at VU. 

Find out more about our two year degrees that ready you for employment or prepare you for a transfer to a four year program to complete your degree. Our one year certificate includes collegiate studies, directed studies, general studies, and religious studies.

Learn about these certificates in our catalog. The one year certificates are indicated by the C.P.C. abbreviation.

Please call Vincennes Admissions about any of these majors at 812.888.4481.

American Sign Language

American Sign Language is now the second-most-studied language at the two-year institutions in the United States.  The Vincennes University American Sign Language Program offers high quality ASL curriculum. There are students with many different goals who come to our program. Some students complete their first two years at VU, receive an A.A. degree in ASL and then continue to obtain their bachelor’s degree in different fields, such as Interpreter Education Program at IUPUI, Deaf Education at the Ball State University, or Speech Pathology at the Purdue University.  Some students already have a career in place and they take some courses at the VU ASL program to gain ASL skills and Deaf culture knowledge in order to communicate and work closely with Deaf people at different venues in the civic service.  Some students graduate from the VU ASL Program and get a job right away working with Deaf people. VU ASL program offers a lot more than just getting a two year A.A. degree, we go beyond by encouraging our students to become part of a vibrant community by working with both Hearing and Deaf people together. 

Art and Design

Ideal for students who show a passion for more than one subject, the arts and humanities program is focused on high development of critical thinking, communication, and intellectual or artistic awareness. 

Graphic Design

The Graphic Design Occupational Program prepares students for employment in the interesting and exciting graphic design profession by teaching the technical skills in industry standard software, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Dreamweaver, along with necessary creative, typographic and design skills.

After two years of study, Graphic Design Occupational students are able to become graphic designers and production artists in variety of companies, such as design studios, advertising agencies, book and magazine publishers, newspapers, web design studios, print shops, sign shops and t-shirt printers, along as opportunities as in-house designers for all types of corporations and institutions like manufacturers, hospitals and universities. Graduates can also start their own business as freelance graphic designers.

Elective courses in multimedia are also offered in the Occupational Program that take students into the areas of interactive and social media design and 2-D animation that involve the integration of motion graphics, audio and video with traditional graphics for a complete audio/visual experience for the audience.

Additional Areas of Focus available to students completing a program within the College of Humanities are:

English as a Second Language
Family and Consumer Science
Learning Disability Services
Modern Foreign Languages
Study Skills