In preparing for a successful career one of the most important steps is securing and completing an internship before you graduate. There are many different reasons to pursue an internship opportunity.

Gain Real-World Experience
Most employers looking for full-time candidates prefer students who have had some real-world experience. They look for candidates who have worked in their industry or one that requires a similar skill set. There are few ways to gain real-world experience through the classroom. Supplement your education with on-the-job experience.

Set Yourself Apart
The uniqueness or prestige of the internship you select can greatly seperate you from the other candidates vying for a full-time position. Through successfully completing an internship, you are more prepared to speak knowledgably about the business you're in. You may learn vernacular and key issues that will set you apart as a candidate in your full-time job search.

Continue Your Learning
Internships offer you education enrichment as you apply the knowledge you gain in classes. Also, most inernships offer additional training and learning experiences. You may find that you understand concepts taught in class much more easily after completing an internship.

Test the Water
Internships are great for employers as they offer a chance to evaluate potential full-time candidates over a period of several weeks. The same luxury of evaluating an employer over a span of time is afforded to interns. Internships can be a great opportunity to adjust career planning goals. You may find that you have a great interest in the field in which you interned, that you want to work in a similar position, or conversely that you are entirely disinterested in an industry and/ or employer.