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Intersession/Summer 2017

(Pre-VU and Start-VU dates are subject to change).

Academic Calendars: Fall 2015 - Summer 2017  *  Fall 2016 - Summer 2018   * Fall 2017 - Summer 2019

Regular Hours: Aquatic Center  *  Bookstore  *  Bowling Center  *  Labs & Tutoring  * Jefferson Student Union & Cafe * PE Complex  *  Red Skelton Museum  *  RSPAC Bldg.  *  Shake LRC  *  Shircliff Art Gallery  *  Student Recreation Center  *  TDC  * UPCC (Clinic)   Aquatic Center hours subject to change with lifeguard availability.
Event Schedules:  * Red Skelton Performing Arts Center  *  Athletics  *  Alumni  *  Summer Camps


Saturday, July 22
Aquatic Center Closed

Sunday, July 23
2:00pm - 6:00pm: Aquatic Center Open Swim 

Monday, July 24
6:00pm: VU Summer Bridge Swimming, Aquatic Center

Tuesday, July 25
8:00pm - 5:00pm: TIAA Representative Appointments, ICAT 144
11:15am: VU Weight Watchers, SRC 103

Wednesday, July 26
9:00am: Early College Banner Training, LRC 210

Thursday, July 27 - 8-Week Classes End
12:00pm: 31st Annual VU Alumni Scholarship Golf Outing, Bicknell Country Club, Bicknell, IN

Friday, July 28
7:00pm: Summer Bridge/Friends Prom, Green Activities Center

Saturday, July 29

Sunday, July 30

Monday, July 31
Last Day to Withdraw from Summer II Classes Without Dean Approval

Tuesday, August 1
2:00pm: Professional Staff Congress, LRC 167

Wednesday, August 2

Thursday, August 3
8:30am: Generations/SWIHMA, GVH Trailblazer Rm.
10:00am: Co-Curricular Assessment Committee, LRC 215
6:30pm: VU Summer Bridge Awards, GVH Trailblazer Rm.

Friday, August 4
START VU, BSU  Click here for more information

VU Summer Bridge Bowling, PE Complex Bowling Lanes

Saturday, August 5
START VU, BSU  Click here for more information

Sunday, August 6

Monday, August 7

Tuesday, August 8 - Summer II & 10-Week Session End
11:00am: Faculty Senate, LRC 167

Wednesday, August 9
8:00am: RA Training, Green Activities Center
8:30am: Instructional Services Opening Meeting, GVH Trailblazer Rm.
6:30pm: RA Training - Welcome Back Dinner, JSU

Thursday, August 10
8:00am: RA Training, Green Activities Center
2:00pm: Support Staff Council, LRC 211

Friday, August 11
8:00am: RA Training, Green Activities Center

Saturday, August 12
8:00am: RA Training, Green Activities Center
8:00am - 12:00pm: 6th Annual Trailblazer 5K, VU Track

Sunday, August 13
8:00am: RA Training, Green Activities Center

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