Sexual Violence Resources Sexual Violence Resources

Voices United

University Police Officers are in constant radio contact with Central Dispatch (E-911) and the Vincennes City Police.

When you see something, say something

Speak up.

When peers say things that support disrespect or violence,

choose respect and speak up for what’s right.

Step in.

When one person is mistreating another verbally, physically, or

emotionally, step in politely to stop the situation if it is safe to do so.

Talk later.

Sometimes it’s better to wait and talk to the abuser or the person

who is being abused later, in private. The person may be less defensive

and talk more openly in a one-on-one conversation.

Gather resources.

You may want to contact a campus dating violence program or sexual assault

crisis center, or a community non-profit off campus to gather information about

what to do next, and to seek support for yourself.




YouTube: Vincennes University It’s On Us Campus PSA
Read: Vincennes University Press Release

Read: University Sexual Assault, Sexual Harrassment, Stalking and Other Policies
Read: Sexual Assault Victim Services

Don't be a bystander to the problem. Be a part of the solution and take the pledge.


Look Up

  • Know what's going on around you
  • If you think it's a problem, don't ignore it
  • If it doesn't feel right, it's probably wrong
  • Trust your instincts
    IT'S ON US

Step Up

  • Predict the problem
  • If you see something, say something
  • Create a distraction
  • Don't step away
    IT'S ON US

Speak Up

  • Save your friends from themselves
  • Ask an RA
  • Call VUPD
  • Call 911
  • No silence, no violence
    IT'S ON US

Stand Up

  • Don't blame the victim
  • Talk honestly about sexual assault
  • Help keep others safe
  • Connect victims to resources
  • Know the Lifeline Law
    IT'S ON US