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When you come to Vincennes University to major in journalism, come prepared to be a journalist, because as a freshman you automatically become a staff member of The Trailblazer, VU's award-winning student news organization.

The Trailblazer is a multi-media news organization staffed by journalism students. The Trailblazer includes a print edition and a companion Web site. Students make story assignments and do the reporting, headline writing, editing, photography, page planning, creating audio and video podcasts, posting to The Trailblazer site, and writing for The Trailblazer's social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

The VU Advantage

As a member of this elite group, you will experience first-hand the challenge of meeting deadlines, some long (late) nights putting the print edition to bed, plus all the excitement and personal fulfillment of seeing your work published in print and online.

In addition to breaking news stories, you'll write feature stories, columns and editorials dealing with issues pertinent to the campus community - such as financial aid, the cost of higher education, dorm life, campus safety, and VU sports.

You'll learn how to write, report, and think like a journalist. And, if you persist, you'll graduate with a sense of ethics, responsibility, discipline, and perserverance - traits that will guide you throughout your journalism career - indeed any career.

Your Future Is In Your Hands

Many VU Journalism graduates transfer to four-year institutions such as Ball State University, Indiana University, or Indiana State University. Some continue in Journalism; others choose different majors to specialize in sports reporting, science writing, political reporting, or some other specific area.

But if you want to enter the job market right away, entry-level positions are available at small- to medium-sized news organizations.


Karen Braselton Ph.D.
Chair, Communication Department

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