Levi Clark
IDNR-Law Enforcement Division (2009-2014)
Assistant Professor/Chair Conservation Law Enforcement
Vincennes University
Rm 115 Homeland Security Building
1002 North 1st Street
Vincennes, IN 47591
Office: (812) 888-4596
E-mail: lclark@vinu.edu


Tom Cunningham
Assistant Professor, Law Enforcement
Vincennes University
Homeland Security Building, Room 113
1002 N. First Street
Vincennes, IN 47591
Office: (812) 888-4589


Cara Gilmore, M.S.
Asst. Professor of Law Enforcement
Vincennes University
Homeland Security Bldg. Rm 109
1002 N. First Street
Vincennes, IN 47591
Office: (812) 888-6828


Bill Gollmitzer, M.S.
Assistant Professor, Law Enforcement
Vincennes University
Homeland Security Building, Room 215
1002 N. First Street
Vincennes, Indiana 47591
Office: (812) 888-6839


Law Enforcement

Available on Jasper or Vincennes Campuses and online.

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When people need help, they dial 911. When that call is made, it connects to one of the more than 18,000 law enforcement agencies and one of the more than 461,000 police officers starts that direction. Police officers make a difference in the community every single day. It takes a special kind of person to raise their hand and pledge to defend the defenseless. If that sounds like a career you are interested in, then you need to check out the Law Enforcement program at Vincennes University.


Law Enforcement 7500, A.S. Career/Tech, A.S. Transfer

The Law Enforcement program at VU is one of the largest programs at the University. Our program has a two part focus. Our first focus is to prepare students for entry level positions in law enforcement agencies in Indiana and across the country. Our secondary focus is to prepare students wishing to continue their education for the next level of university study.

 We focus on achieving a balance between classroom instruction and hands-on training. Students learn about traffic investigation, forensic science, police operations and other important topics. They also conduct experiments and create footprint casts, take fingerprints, analyze blood spatter patterns and many other tasks performed right now in U.S. law enforcement.

Course Catalog A.S.Transfer

Couse Catalog A.S. Career/Tech


Law Enforcement - Corrections Concentration 7503, A.S. Transfer

This program provides a broad base of instruction concerning the criminal justice system and enhances the student’s possibility of employment with the law enforcement agency or correctional agency of his choice. This is a law enforcement degree with a concentration in corrections giving the student the diversity to pursue a career in either law enforcement or corrections. The A.S. degree program is designed for students wishing to transfer to a baccalaureate degree institution.

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Course Catalog

Law Enforcement, Conservation 7550, A.S. Career/Tech, A.S. Transfer

This program prepares students for a career in the enforcement of conservation law. The curriculum offers a broad base in this major area with thirty-three hours of directly related subjects in the fields of conservation and law enforcement.

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Course Catalog A.S. Career/Tech

Course Catalog A.S. Transfer


Our professors have decades of experience ranging from local police, to state, to the federal level. Our instructors are professionals in their field and several still retain certification in their field. That experience and education translates to a real-world education for you.


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