New Student Center to transform life on Vincennes University Campus 
The New Student Center is the culmination of providing students a complete college experience—recreational activities, sports, academic activities, great learning facilities and a full residential experience.
The New Student Center blends together a 22,963 square foot, two-story addition with an adjacent major renovation of 22,163 square feet of the Physical Education Complex
Centrally located on campus, students can walk under roof from the New Student Center to the P.E. Complex, Aquatic Center, and Donald G. Bell Student Recreation Center—the length of three city blocks and combining facilities with 250,000 square feet of space. 
Features of the New Student Center include integrated technology, sports lounge, stage, large-scale sound and video entertainment, dining areas, fire places, kitchenette, leisure spaces, gaming space, and a large bowling center.
“One of the most important things we do for students is to open them up to new experiences, new cultures and new ideas, helping them understand different points of view. I think that’s how the world can come together. A place like this really offers the opportunity for our students from different backgrounds, representing all 92 counties, several states and countries, to come together to share cultures and ideas. It will help each other grow and understand each other for the future. It’s a big investment for us,” President Johnson said. 


New Student Center Hours

7 am - midnight   Monday through Sunday

The new Student Center is open for the VU community.  Video games are available for check-out during Bowling Center open hours. 


Jefferson Union Cafe

10:30 am - 10:30 pm   Monday through Friday

3 pm - 10:30 pm          Saturday through Sunday

The Jefferson Union Café is open to purchase sandwiches, soft drinks, ice cream, etc.