Homeland Internship

Internship Course Requirements

  1. The hours of service required to receive credit = 200 hours.
  2. You must submit a signed Internship Agreement Form before you begin your internship hours
  3. All students must provide their VU Homeland Internship Supervisor with the standard Internship Agreement Form, which must be signed by the student and their on-site supervisor near the bottom of the form.
  4. Students must maintain an internship journal. Begin writing in it before you start your hours. See the discussion below on "Writing in Your Internship Journal."
  5. You must also maintain an Internship Time Log, which should be provided to your VU faculty supervisor along with the summary paper discussed below (see #6).
  6. Fill out an Internship Evaluation Form. It is also online--see your syllabus. A copy of this form is placed in a binder so other students can read about your experiences.
  7. In addition, you must complete a 3-4 page typed and double spaced summary paper about the internship. The paper should summarily describe the experiences you have gained through the internship and your evaluation of it. The following information should be included in your summary paper:
  8. what you did (briefly)
  9. the goal(s) of the agency or sub unit within the agency where you worked
  10. your assessment of how well the agency met or meets its goal(s)
  11. your assessment of how the internship helped you with your career goals
  12. your assessment of how your "real world" experiences compared to what you have learned at the University. To what extent do the two worlds "match"?
  13. your assessment of the on-site supervision of your internship--that is, how well did the supervision provided fit with your ideas of what makes for good supervision?
  14. Talk to the instructor if it is not feasible or appropriate for you to complete these.
  15. DUE DATE: Turn in your journal, time log, and summary paper by the last day of finals; you may also take an Incomplete if you can't complete the hours. If you wish to take an incomplete please let the instructor know. If you do take an incomplete you do not need to register for the internship in a later semester; you merely make up the incomplete. Incompletes should be made up within a year.

Writing in Your Internship Journal

These are topics, issues and questions that may help you to think and write about your your internship experience. Don't feel limited to these. Think and write about your internship experience every day you work. Write about them after you are done for the day or early in the next day. Once you've established an internship journal, writing your summary paper will be much easier.

  • What are the goals of your internship? Writing these down will help you evaluate whether you are successful later. Take note of any changes over time.
  • What is, or what do you believe is, the formal purpose or role of the agency in which you are doing your internship? How does your role relate to that overall purpose? Again, note changes over time.
  • Did you have any new experiences today or this week? What did you learn about yourself and your ability to do this internship?
  • Write about whether and/or how your internship experience is related to ideas that you have learned in your major coursework. If you can't think of any, where do you think your experiences would fit into a course?
  • Identify what ideas you have about your work that may differ from others in your workplace. How do you explain or understand these differences?
  • What kind of communication skills does your internship require? How are these similar to and/or different from what is required in school or from other jobs that you have had?
  • Write about your satisfaction with your supervisor(s). What, if anything, would you change about your relationship with him/her? Have you learned what type of supervision that you best learn from?
  • How do you respond to feedback on the job, both positive and negative?
  • In your experiences with your supervisor(s) or peers, have you ever felt that you were put in a position that compromised your values? How did you resolve it?
  • Have your experiences helped you to think about possible careers in this field or other fields? What are the pluses and minuses of this job? How have your experiences helped you to decide on what career you will pursue?
  • How do you feel about your contribution to your job? Have you done a lot or a little? Do you feel your work has been appreciated or not?
  • Are your actual experiences consistent with the goals of your internship?