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Bowling Management

Available on the Vincennes campus

Graduates are prepared for entry-level positions within the bowling industry in center management, sales, marketing, and technical fields.

Reasons to choose the VU Bowling Industry Management Program

  1. Only degree program offered by any institution in the country in this field.
  2. On site 18 lane bowling center used as a laboratory setting for a hands-on experience.
  3. Comprehensive program offering multiple career paths into the industry including management of a bowling center, sales and marketing, pro shop operations, and pinsetter mechanics.
  4. Additional program classes included courses to enhance the overall learning and preperation for employment such as accounting, speech, computer operations, and business operations.
  5. Extensive cooperation with industry companies for job placement including Brunswick, AMF Bowling, and Classic Products Co.
  6. Continously ranked as one of the top collegiate bowling teams in the country
  7. Multiple NJCAA National Team Championships
  8. The instructor for the bowling management program, Gary Sparks, is also a member of the NJCAA Coaches Hall of Fame.

For more information, please contact Gary Sparks at or 812.888.4428.

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