2016 Summer Camps

VU offers a unique environment for engaged & creative learning with the 2016 Summer Camp Programs.
For information on camps or hosting events on the VU campus, contact Cindy Beaman, Director of University Events: events@vinu.edu or 812.888.4125.

If you are visiting campus, you can enter the following addresses into your GPS to find camp locations:

For the PE complex, please use 1401 N Chestnut Street.
For the Red Skelton Performing Arts Center, please use 20 Red Skelton Boulevard.
For all other inquiries, please use 1002 North First Street.

All campers must download, sign, and bring with them the liability waiver.

Campus Map and Directions

April  3: Baseball Camp, Spring Training ~ 9:30 am - 2:30 pm, ages 6-13, Baseball field ~ Cbarney@vinu.edu, 812.888.4229, Application below.

May 26-30:  Vincennes Rendezvous ~ Participants only. Make reservations at Spirit of Vincennes ~  Housing questions? events@vinu.edu, 812.888.4125

June 6-8: Welding Basic Workshop ~ mhastings@vinu.edu or khopkins@vinu.edu, 812.888.5166

June 8-10: Welding Advanced Workshop ~ mhastings@vinu.edu or khopkins@vinu.edu, 812.888.5166 

June 7-9: Trailblazer Baseball Developmental Camp, 8:30 am - 12:30 pm, ages 6-11 ~ Cbarney@vinu.edu, 812.888.4229, Watch for application below. 

June 9: Trailblazer Junior High Basketball Shoot-Out ~ PE Complex, bdavis@vinu.edu, 812.888.4093

June 10: Trailblazer Varsity/JR Varsity Basketball Shoot-Out I ~ PE Complex, bdavis@vinu.edu, 812.888.4093

June 11: Trailblazer Varsity/JR Varsity Basketball Shoot-Out II ~ PE Complex, bdavis@vinu.edu, 812.888.4093

June 12-17: X-Mester: Recruited Students only

June 12-June 15: Girls Basketball (Individual) ~ PE Complex, hmeeks@vinu.edu, 812.888.4397, Watch below for application.

June 13-17: Citizen's Academy ~ Closed Group

June 14: Trailblazer Track & Field Hurdles Camp, grades 6-12, PE Complex, cgarner@vinu.edu, 812.888.5178   Cancelled

June 15-16: Trailblazer Baseball Pitching and Catching Camp, session 1, 8:30 - 10:30 am, ages 9 and up ~ Cbarney@vinu.edu, 812.888.4429, Application below 

June 15-16: Trailblazer Baseball Hitting Camp, session 1, 11:00 am - 1:00 pm, ages 9 and up ~ Cbarney@vinu.edu, 812.888.4429, Application below

June 15-18: ISP Lions Law Camp (grades 6-8) ~  www.trooper.org or www.in.gov.isp, 800-671-9851

June 16-18: Boys Basketball (Individual Camp) ~ PE Complex ~ bdavis@vinu.edu, 812.888.4093

June 18: Trailblazer Track & Field Pole Vault Camp, grades 6-12, PE Complex, cgarner@vinu.edu, 812.888.5178 Cancelled

June 19-22: Girls Basketball Team Camp I ~ PE Complex, hmeeks@vinu.edu, 812.888.4397

June 23-26: Girls Basketball Team Camp II ~ PE Complex, hmeeks@vinu.edu, 812.888.4397

June 24-25: Girl Scouts STEM Camp ~ Kara Messersmith, kmessersmith@girlscouts-gssi.org

June 27-30: Dance Camp ~ NDA/Varsity.com, Questions? events@vinu.edu, 812.888.4125

June 29-July 1: Baseball Camp, Developmental ~ 8:30 am - 12:30 pm, ages 6-11~ Cbarney@vinu.edu, 812.888.4429, Watch for application below.

July 6 – 9: NCA Cheer Camp ~  NCA/Varsity.com, Questions? events@vinu.edu, 812.888.4125

July 6 – 8: Boys Basketball Offensive Skills ~ bdavis@vinu.edu, 812.888.4093. See information below.

July 10-15: Vectren, Closed group

July 11-15: Art Ventures Day Camp ~ Download Art Ventures Form Contact Nancy Hensel, PSI IOTA XI, nancyhensel@hotmail.com

July 10, 17, 24, 31: High School Summer Baseball League, ages 13 & up, Other days include: July 12-14, 19, 21 and 26-28, 5:00 - 10:00 pm. Cbarney@vinu.edu, 812.888.4429

July 14-16: Latter Day Saints Youth Conference I, Closed group

July 17-29: Music Camp, For high school students and incoming music majors. For more information contact: Lmiller@vinu.edu, 812-888-4497 or mlatta@vinu.edu

July 18-21: Primitive Baptist Conference, Closed group

July 18-22: Mater Dei Band Camp, Closed group

July 22-23: Latter Day Saints Youth Conference II, Closed group


Watch for These Additional Camps!

Kiwanis Career Camp ~ www.trooper.org or www.in.gov.isp, 800-671-9851

Volleyball Camps


Disclaimer: VU and/or Camps reserve the right to dismiss any camper whose conduct is detrimental to the overall good of the camp. No refunds will be made. All campers including parents/guardians understand that the applicant will be engaging in activities that may be of a physical nature and there is an inherit risk of physical injury. All campers and parents/guardians (of campers under the age of 18) are required to sign a release form that holds Vincennes University, its officers, trustees, agents, employees, voluntees, including those working camp/event harmless from any and all liability whatsoever kind in nature from personal injury or property damage arising out of the applicants participation at camp/event.  

All dates and campus are subject to change.