Transcript Requests

How to request your college transcript
A student's signature is required each time a transcript is requested. The request must be in writing and may be sent by fax or by mail or requested in person. Any transcript issued directly to the student will be stamped "issued to student" and will be considered unofficial.

Official transcripts are marked with the official seal of the University and are mailed directly by the Registrar's Office to prospective employers, to official representatives of other universities, to certification agencies, etc. The request must include the following:

  1. Student's name as it was during attendance at VU
  2. Student's social security number or ID number
  3. Approximate dates of attendance
  4. Address where transcript is to be mailed
  5. Student's signature

Download Transcript Request Form
There is no charge for a transcript, however, students must have met all financial obligations to the University before transcripts will be released.

Unofficial Transcripts
Current students may view and print an unofficial transcript from their myVU account.

Please contact us by phone at 812.888.4220 or fax at 812.888.4380. You can also send an email to

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Those college credits were issued right here at Vincennes University! Your official documentation of your college classes is called a transcript and every college student has one. It is a record of what classes you have taken in order to earn your degree.  No matter which university you decide to attend, you will need a copy of your official transcript from VU.

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Contact Admissions for more information at or 812-888-4313.