Two Year Degree

Technology - Agribusiness Baccalaureate Concentration

The Bachelors of Sciences in Technology with a Concentration in Agribusiness is a continuation of the Agribusiness A.S. Transfer Program, where students focus on the the skills required for a carrier in Agr-Management. 

Students will learn analytical and planning techniques for making business decisions centered around farm business applications as well as economic principles and management concepts such as budgeting, accounting, finance credit, investment analysis, business organization, risk, and taxes as related to practical problems of operating a farm business will be examined.

Students will also learn the fundamentals of the Chicago Board of Trade starting from the open outcry trading to the technical indicators. The program will give beginning future traders the understanding of how to get started. The program also introduces students to federal and state environmental laws and regulations and their common law foundations, which will give students an edge in the legalities of Agribusiness.

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