PE Complex

The Physical Education Complex will be open for recreation in most areas at 11 a.m. weekdays and 12 noon on Saturday and Sunday. Closing time is 7 p.m. on weekdays (M-Fri) and 5 p.m. on weekends (Sat, Sun). 

Vacation/Holiday schedules will be in the Trailblazer newspaper, on the MyVU internet service, posted on doors and on this page. S

pecial events will be posted on the One-Month Calendar (east lobby). Announcements will be made prior to the actual closing of the facilities.

Statement of Objectives by Priorities

  1. To provide health, physical education, and recreation classes for Vincennes University students.
  2. To provide athletic opportunities for Vincennes University-sponsored athletic programs.
  3. To provide informal and intramural recreational facilities for the University students, faculty, staff, and families.
  4. To enhance the development and maintenance of individual physical fitness.
  5. To provide facilities for Vincennes University sponsored activities.
  6. To coordinate facility scheduling with public/community groups who request use of the P. E. Complex and associated facilities.


  1. To enter the gym, please use the six doors next to the trophy case located in the east lobby. Please have your current VU Blazer OneCard or Guest Pass card with you at all times. Please show your ID to the employee at the ID Station to enter the PEC facilities. YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN WITHOUT IT!!!! Do not leave ID cards unattended. New ID's are available in the Audio-Visual Dept. in the Learning Resource Center (LRC).
  2. Proper athletic attire is required in all activity areas while participating (sweats or shorts, and shirts required.)
  3. Non-marking, clean, athletic footwear is required in all activity areas while participating.
  4. The MAIN FLOOR is a restricted use area for athletic, physical education classes, and special events. PLEASE STAY OFF !!!
  5. Do not hang from the Basketball Goals on the upper decks or on the outside courts.
  6. Please refrain from bringing food and drink items (including gum) into all activity areas.
  7. The P. E. Complex, Student Recreation Center, Aquatic Center, and Bowling Lanes are tobacco-free (smoking or chewing) facilities.
  8. Users will follow behavioral expectations of the University. This includes no fighting and no profanity. See posted Rules/Regulations.

General Policies
The P. E. Complex and related areas (including SRC & Beless Gymnasium and outdoor athletic/intramural/recreational areas) are available without charge to the VU community as outlined below.  

See Learning Resource Center (LRC) Media Services or Human Resources to obtain a valid ID if you do not already have one.  The Associate Director of Human Performance Facilities is responsible for scheduling all activities/areas within the PEC and associated facilities. 

Any person or group desiring to schedule any of the facilities should contact the area office by calling 888-5125.

  1. Students – All students with a valid current VU Blazer OneCard.  During summer months, students registered for the following VU fall semester will have access to the recreation facilities.  Qualifying students have Guest privileges (see item E).
  2. Faculty/Staff – currently employed full-time faculty and staff members and their spouse and dependent children have access to the recreation facilities with their proper VU ID Card.  Dependents of full-time employees aged 18+ may use recreation facilities on their own.  Dependents under age 18 (including those confined to strollers) must be accompanied by parent ID holder.  Qualifying faculty/staff have Guest privileges (see item E).
  3. Retirees from full-time employment with VU – Retirees who participate in the University health insurance plan have access to the recreation facilities, as well as their spouses and dependent children who participate in the University health insurance plan.  Qualifying dependents aged 18+ may use recreation facilities on their own.  Qualifying dependents under age 18 (including those confined to strollers) must be accompanied by parent/grandparent ID holder.
  4. Board Members – Current members of the University Board of Trustees and spouses of current members have access to the recreation facilities.
  5. Guests – Guest privileges are available to qualifying students and full-time faculty and staff (see above items A and B).  Privileges are extended for an occasional guest.  Students are limited to one (1) guest per visit.  Guests must be age 18 or older and they must be accompanied by the student/faculty/staff member with a valid ID.  All guests will sign in and present an ID upon entering recreation facilities.  The ID will be held at the ID desk while visitor is in the recreation facilities. Abuse of guest privileges will cause revocation of that privilege.