Associate Degrees in Education

VU also has A.S. degree programs in several additional education programs that can be transferred to other institutions of higher education.  Full descriptions can be found in the university catalog. 

Early Childhood Education (Preschool, A.S.)

Elementary Education (Grades K-6, A.S.)

Secondary Education including: 

  1. ‚ÄčArt (Grades 7-12, A.A., A.S.)       
  2. Business (Grades 7-12, A.S.)      
  3. Chemistry  (Grades 9-12, A.S.)     
  4. English (Grades 9-12, A.S.)      
  5. Family and Consumer Sciences (Grades 7-12, A.S.)  
  6. Health Promotions/Health Education (Grades 7-12, A.S.)    
  7. Mathematics (Grades 5-12, A.A., A. S.)    
  8. Technology (Grades 7-12, A.S.)     

Education, All Grade

  1. Art  (Grades K-12, A.A., A.S.)       
  2. Physical Education (Grades K-12,  A.S.)     
  3. Special Education  (Grades K-12,  A.S.)
  4. Technology (Grades K-12, A.S.)

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