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College of Humanities

The humanities have long been the home to great philosophers and writers, but a large number of humanities majors also go on to careers in business, law, and technology. A 2013 study done by the Association of American Colleges and Universities found that 78% of employers preferred job applicants knowledgeable about global issues and societies and cultures outside the U.S.; 80% found written and oral communication key; and 82% favored those with civic knowledge, skills, and judgment essential for contributing to the community and to our democratic society. These are all skills learned in the humanities.

 At Vincennes University, we offer a wide variety of college programs taught by highly qualified and professional faculty who can help you find the major that's perfect for you.

You can study any of the number of programs below. We offer two-year degrees that ready you for employment as well as the opportunity to  transfer to a four-year program to complete your degree. Our one-year certificates include directed, general, and religious studies.

Programs of Study 

American Sign Language and Deaf Studies

Art and Graphic Design

Child Development


English as an Additional Language

Family and Consumer Sciences

Family and Consumer Sciences, Education 


Interior Design

Nutrition and Dietetics


Religious Studies

World Languages and Cutlures 

Please call the College of Humanities about any of these programs at (812) 888-4480. 

Student Services 

Several valuable programs are also housed in the Humanities. For more information please see the links below. 

STEP (Student Transition into Educational Programs)

Summer Bridge (This is a program designed to provide incoming freshman with a summer orientation experience.) 

The Writing Center 

The Kirkwood Academic Skills Center 




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