Music Department - Auditions, Scholarships, and Placement Exams

Applied study (for all majors, Voice, Winds, Percussion, Piano, and Strings):

All students should choose ONE piece from the ISSMA solo and ensemble list and be prepared to perform it for the faculty. Repertoire substitutions may be made, pending 48-hour prior approval from Sharon S. Jackson, Department of Music Chair, The ISSMA list of compositions is online and found here:

Wind and string students should bring their own instruments and music. Instrumental auditions do not have to be accompanied. Vocalists should anticipate singing with piano accompaniment and should bring more than one copy of their music. An accompanist will be available to the students and a short private rehearsal arranged. Practice rooms will be available for warm-up.


  • Students must be enrolled at Vincennes University for the semester in which they will be receiving the scholarship, and must maintain a cumulative G.P.A. of 2.0. (Students who withdraw from all classes may have their scholarship award revoked.)
  • Students must fulfill all assigned ensemble or performance obligations.
  • Students must maintain acceptable academic progress while at Vincennes University. Students who are suspended, who are on academic probation for more than one semester, or who have been put on disciplinary probation are ineligible to receive Music Scholarships.

To be accepted in the program, follow these 3 steps:

  1. Apply for admission to the University:
  2. Schedule a music audition: Scholarship Auditions 
  3. Register for START VU 

Your audition day will include:

  • Applied instrument or voice placement exam
  • Piano placement exam
  • Music theory placement exam
  • Accuplacer Exam
  • Schedule your audition

FAQ before coming to campus:

  • Music Major Placement Exam information
  • Study Guide for music exams 
  • You will be advised and receive their fall 2016 schedule on their Start VU day.
  • A music faculty member will notify you with complete details and schedule, confirming your audition reservation, once made.

For additional information, please contact sharon S. Jackson at or 812-888-4435.