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Available on Vincennes or Jasper campuses and online.

If you enjoy learning about organizations, communities, families, diversity, and how people live and work together in harmony - or discord - sociology may be for you.

Sociology is the study of group life. As a student majoring in Sociology, you will analyze the trends, patterns, and personal styles of people as they relate to:

  • Urban and rural life
  • Family patterns/relationships
  • Deviance and social control
  • Environmental issues
  • Technology/communications
  • Healthcare and illness
  • Social change and movements
  • Responses to disasters

Advantage in the Job Market

According to the American Sociological Association, sociology is a liberal arts major with an advantage. In addition to information in specific course topics, you will learn social research design, statistics, and data analysis. This knowledge will be useful to you as you enter the job market. Vincennes University offers the first two years of a four-year program, which is sufficient for some entry-level jobs. Students majoring in sociology seek a variety of employment opportunities including advertising, counseling, community planning, health services, journalism, recreation, and marketing research.

The VU Advantage

Instruction at VU goes beyond the traditional lecture and discussion format. The Sociology faculty integrate the real world into their classrooms through current technologies, special speakers, and hands-on experiences. The Chelsea Lawlis Learning Center, which is staffed by full-time professionals, provides learning assistance such as free tutoring, self-paced individualized learning modules, review materials for tests, and other academic support services to help students be successful. All this personal attention is designed to help you build a strong academic foundation for your junior and senior years.

A residentail campus, quality instruction, individualized advising, and a history of students successfully transferring to four-year colleges are all reasons to start your Sociology degree at VU. The low tuition when compared to other Indiana institutions is another benefit that makes Vincennes University a smart choice.

Contact Information:
Sociology Department

Phillip M. Summers Social Science Center

Hope Clausman, Professor of Psychology
Department Chair, Psychology/Sociology/Social Work

Robert Evans, Professor of Sociology & Social Work

Jennifer Hensley, Associate Professor of Sociology & Social Work

Jessica Zellers, Assistant Professor Sociology & Social Work

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Mission Statement and Program Outcomes