Remote Proctor Setup Instructions

Remote Proctor Setup Instructions

Student:  In order to arrange for testing, you will need to identify a test proctor who agrees to administer the test on our behalf.  This individual should be an educational professional such as a teacher, counselor, local library staff person, or professional staff person who is familiar with, and will abide by proper testing protocol.  If you are still in high school, check with your guidance counselor.  If you are serving in the military, your base education officer can serve as proctor.  In a corporate environment, proctors may be considered if they serve in a management or supervisory role above the student. The proctor must not be someone such as a co-worker, friend, classmate, family member, neighbor, etc., of the individual to be tested.

In the event that we already have an established proctor in your area, we will ask that you contact them for your testing needs.  Due to security considerations we simply cannot set up multiple proctors in the same location. 

In order to administer the test, the location must have a 1) computer, 2) connection to the internet, 3) printer, and 4) a quiet testing environment.  The proctor must directly supervise the test administration. 

The proctor must contact Amy McNeece or David Sanders in the Assessment Center directly by sending an email to or ,   and indicate their willingness to act as a proctor.  In this email, the proctor should furnish the student's name, location, and the reason for testing.  We will respond by sending our proctor profile directly to the potential proctor.  The proctor should fill out the profile and submit the completed form back to our office.  Once the completed profile is received, we will send to the proctor the instructions and access codes for the test to be administered via the web.  After the test, the proctor will report the scores to our office and we will post the results to the student record. 

The email from the proctor must be sent from their institutional email account.  We do not respond to generic email domains (hotmail, yahoo, aol, gmail, etc) 

Once again, the steps are: 

1.  Give the email addresses, and and a copy of this email, to the potential proctor. 
2.  Ask the proctor to send an email indicating their willingness to be a proctor, and furnishing your name, location and reason for testing. 
3.  When we receive the email, we will respond by sending the proctor profile to the new proctor. 
4.  Upon receipt of the completed profile, we will send the Accuplacer test instructions. 
5.  Proctor and student arrange mutually convenient test time. 
6.  Following testing, proctor sends scores back to our office using Reporting Log (from test instructions) 

The test is untimed, but normally takes about an hour and a half.  You will be tested in the basic skills areas of Reading, Sentence Skills, and Mathematics.  You should do your very best on this test as the results do matter, and will be used to determine your initial classes here at the University. 

Be prepared to present appropriate legal photo identification to your proctor when reporting to test. 

New Vincennes University students should NOT take the Accuplacer placement test until they receive their VU Student ID number, also known as the "A" number.   Once the student receives their letter from the Management Information Center containing their "A" number and VU email address, the student is then authorized to take the Accuplacer test.  

If the student needs to retrieve their "A" number, they can contact  and send an email requesting their number.  Allow 3-4 hours for a telephone response from the helpdesk. 

If you have any questions or further concerns, please email. 

Thank you again for your interest in Vincennes University.