Welding Technology

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Welding Workshop for Educators
Vincennes University will host two 3-day welding workshops for Educators in June of 2017. Both workshops will be taught by Lincoln Electric trainers from corporate headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio, and assisted by the welding faculty of Vincennes University. 

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Welding Technology
The Welding Technology program facility is located at Second and Harrison Streets and boasts of new welding stations with new Lincoln Electric multi-process welding equipment. Vincennes University and Lincoln Electric have created an exciting new partnership to ensure the welding program maintains the latest in state of the art welding equipment used in industry today.

Welding Technology is a comprehensive two-year A.S. or A.A.S program designed to prepare the student for gainful employment in the welding field. Emphasis is placed on preparation for the A.W.S. (American Welding Society) Certifications. Graduates also have the opportunity for transfer to a baccalaureate degree program.

Students are trained in OAW (Oxy Acetylene Welding), SMAW (Shielded Metal Arc Welding), (Gas Metal Arc Welding), and GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding). Plasma arc cutting, air carbon arc cutting, and print reading are covered. Advanced inspection and fabrication methods, along with automation are covered to achieve the extensive discipline demanded within the welding profession. A major portion of the lab time is devoted to developing skills in all structural and pipe welding positions.

The one-year certificate program provides nine months of concentrated training with approximately 20 hours per week in welding lab, the majority of which will be devoted to hands-on training. The student’s skills needed to perform welds that comply with A.W.S. standards will also be developed.

For more information, please contact:
Mike Hastings, Program Coordinator, at 812-888-6244 or mhastings@vinu.edu
Thom Newman, Welding Instructor, at 812-888-6245 or tnewman@vinu.edu

Learn more about the courses required for this program.

Learn more about the courses required for this certificate program.

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