Minimum College Readiness Scores

Tests and minimum scores to meet the college readiness standard, as determined by Vincennes University:

Accuplacer/VU Placement Exam
Reading Comprehension 55
Sentence Skills 60
Arithmetic 34
Elem. Algebra 40


SAT (March 2016 and after)
Reading 23
Sentence Skills 26
Math 24


SAT (Before March 2016)
Reading 420
Sentence Skills 440
Math 440


Reading 18
Sentence Skills 18
Math 19


ASSET Program: Basic Skills Tests, Forms B2, C2, D2 and E2
Writing Skills 35
Reading Skills 35
Numerical Skills 33


Career Programs Assessment Tests (CPAt), Forms B and C
Language Usage 42
Reading Skills 43
Numerical Skills 41


Prealgebra/Numerical Skills Placement 25
Reading Placement 62
Writing Placement 32


Combined English Language Skills Assessment (CELSA)*, Forms 1 and 2
CELSA 1 97
CELSA 2 97

 * Note: CELSA is approved only for students who native language is not English and who are not fluent in English.

Descriptive Tests of Language Skills (DTLS) and Descriptive Tests of Mathematical Skills (DTMS), Forms M-K-3KDT and M-K-3LDT
Reading Comprehension 108
Sentence Structure 9
Conventions of Written English 309
Arithmetic 506


ESL Placement Test (COMPASS/ESL)** 
Grammar usage 64
Grammar reading 70
Grammar listening 70

** Note:  COMPASS/ESL is approved only for students whose native language is not English and who are not fluent in English.


Wonderlic Basic Skills Tests (WBST), Verbal Forms VS-1 and VS-2, Quantitative Forms QS-1 and QS-2 
Verbal 200
Quantitative 210


WorkKeys Program, Reading for Information Forms A01AA. A02AA, C01AA and D10AA; Applied Mathematics Forms A01BB, A02BB, C01BB, and D01BB
Reading for Information
Form A01AA  76
Form A02AA 75
Form C01AA 77
Form D01AA 77
Form A01BB 73
Applied Mathematics
Form A02BB 74
Form C01BB 73
Form D01BB 7



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