Admission for Senior Scholars

Vincennes University provides a tuition remission benefit consistent with the State of Indiana’s Senior Scholars program.

To be eligible to participate, a student must be:

  1. an Indiana resident,
  2. be 60 years of age or older,
  3. be retired,
  4. not employed on a full-time basis,
  5. have a high school diploma or GED,
  6. and be enrolled in a course for credit and to earn a grade.

Senior Scholar students are not eligible to use the tuition remission benefit to repeat a course previously taken under the Senior Scholars program. Books, class or laboratory fees, parking permits, student activity fees, and expenses other than tuition are the responsibility of the student.

Other eligibility requirements:

  • Senior Scholar students must meet the prerequisites for courses in which they enroll.
  • Senior Scholar students who accumulate fifteen hours or more must declare whether or not they intend to seek a degree
  • Senior Scholars who are not pursuing a degree are exempt from the requirement to formally apply for admission, but must comply with the requirements for Guest students.
  • Senior Scholars who intend to obtain a degree or certificate must apply for admission and comply with requirements listed under admission for degree-seeking students.



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