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About ASLDS at Vincennes University About ASLDS at Vincennes University

American Sign Language & Deaf studies is an intensive two-year program designed to prepare students to pursue a baccalaureate degree in American Sign Language & Deaf studies interpreting or provide for a foundation in careers that serve deaf individuals. 

The Vincennes University ASLDS Program is located on the campus of the Indiana School for the Deaf in Indianapolis.  ASLDS faculty are Deaf, native signers who have taken intensive training in teaching ASLDS. 

The curriculum provides for full immersion into ASLDS through learning-centered instruction both inside and outside the classroom.   The unique location of the ASLDS Program allows for involvement and collaboration with deaf students and the vibrant Deaf Community of Indianapolis.      

Find out if a career in American Sign Language and Deaf studies is right for you!

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For more information contact:
Tami Dominguez, Administrative Assistant
Phone: 317-923-2305  

Dr. Cynthia Sanders, Program Chair
Videophone: 317-489-9353

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2016 Commencement

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