GenEd Math Achievement Test

The General Education Math Achievement Test has been a published catalog requirement since the 1998-99 catalog.  A passing minimum score on the test is required before your diploma can be issued.

The test that you will be taking in order to meet the general education math criteria (math exit test), is administered using the Accuplacer OnLine testing system.  This is the same test that you probably took as a new, entering student for course placement.  It is given on the computer and is untimed.

As you start the Accuplacer OnLine test, you will answer a couple of background questions.  One of these questions will ask what type of degree you are receiving from VU and the catalog you are graduating under.  Your response will determine what test section will be administered.  Be sure you answer correctly!!  Your answer MUST be correct in order to receive the correct math test.  If you do not know your correct degree track or catalog, please contact your advisor. If you choose the wrong degree type or catalog criteria, you'll get the wrong test and it won't count. 

 ==========  (Example Question)=========

 Indicate the TYPE of degree you will be receiving (A.A., A.S., or A.A.S.) NOTE: Your degree track MUST be correct, as it will determine which math test you will be given. If you are not sure which type of degree you are receiving, you must check with your advisor or the Records office before testing.

 O      Catalog earlier than 2010-2011  A.A. - Associate of Arts or A.S. - Associate of Science

 O      2010-2011 Catalog A.A. - Associate of Arts or A.S. Associate of Science

 O      Catalog ealier than 2010-2011  A.A.S. - Associate of Applied Science

 O      2010-2011 Catalog A.A.S, - Associate of Applied Science


 You will need to present photo ID when reporting to test.

You will be provided with scratch paper (1 sheet), and an "on-screen" calculator is provided within the test software, if you are allowed to use a calculator, problem by problem.  If the icon to access the calculator is not shown on the test screen, you are not permitted to use any other type of calculator (web, Windows, hand-held, cell phone, etc)

The proctor will choose the branching profile "GENED" to administer your test. 

Following completion of the test, you'll receive a printed score report that will indicate whether a passing result was achieved.

If you did not receive a passing score, you may retest until you pass, but not more than once per day.  You should carefully coordinate any retest sessions with the test proctor to work with their schedule.  Do NOT operate on a "walk-in" basis.

GENED Math Achievement Test

The GenEd math achievement test is required of graduates receiving a degree who have only had a single mathematics course. Main campus students should present a Test Authorization Form from their advisor in order to apply the math scores properly to the GenEd criteria.


Retesting until you pass is allowed, but not within the same day. You must wait 24 hours before attempting a retest. You are expected to seek remediation between attempts by self-study, tutors, math lab, etc.