What is Blackboard?

VU Blackboard is the software solution used by Vincennes University to deliver online courses and to enhance the learning experiences of on-campus students. With Blackboard, faculty may post online course documents, create online assessment exams, host discussion forums, and make files available to their students.


Getting Bb Set Up for the First Time for Instructors

Bb is not automatic, you will need to request an account, a site, and student population. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Begin with a Bb ID, in order for me to create your Bb ID I need the usename that you log into the MyVU system with. if you do not know it, you can call MIC at 812 888-4332 to find out what it is. Once you know it, send an email it to crasico@vinu.edu and your Bb login information will be emailed to you. 
  2. Once you have a user account for Blackboard, go to the "Blackboard Course Creation and Population" form located on Bb Maintenance Forms page (link below) and fill it out according to what your specific needs are (new empty course, course copy, course population/etc...).
  3. You can generally expect to have your courses loaded within 2 business days or less (If you request an account, site, and/or student population during the beginning/peak times of the semester, please allow up to 7 business days for your request to be completed). 


Getting your Bb Site Populated Each Semester (Non-Distance Education courses only)

If you are teaching a UCC class with a Critical Thinking assignment on Bb, you will need to request a brand new site each semester (use the "course creation/population" form to request a new copy from the previous semester's site). 

If you are teaching a class that does not include a Critical Thinking assignment on Bb:

1. If you do not yet have a Bb site,  use the "course creation/population" form to request a new site.

2. Use the same form to request population of your students into your site.  If you have used your site for a previous semester, make sure to answer "yes" to the question regarding removing old users.  Also, be sure to include the section number (i.e. ENGL101008) as that tells us the correct students to load into your site.  We do not need the 5 digit CRN of the course.  

Remember:  If you already have a site that is a non-Critical Thinking UCC site, then you only need to request new population, and make sure to mark to remove the old users from the site. Please do not request a new site for one that you already have unless there is a specific need.

These directions apply to on-campus enhanced sites only, not distance education courses. 

***The CTL recommends using either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as your Internet browser when using Blackboard***


Click here to access the Bb Maintenance and Testing Request Forms