Faculty Resources


New Faculty Orientation Handbook

  1. Sign formal hiring documents and submit your official transcripts - See Dean
  2. Go through the items in the Getting Started button below.
  3. Obtain the following from your College Dean, mentor, or Department Chair:
    1. Office and classroom key(s) - Dean or College Secretary
    2. Textbook - Department Chair
    3. Course outline and syllabus template - Mentor or Department Chair
    4. Email (Lotus Notes) access and phone number - Dean or College Secretary
    5. Photo ID - Learning Resources Center (LRC)
    6. Mailbox location - College Secretary
    7. Fax Machine instructions - College Secretary or Mentor
    8. Copy Machine instructions - College Secretary or Mentor
    9. Parking Permit - Campus Police (more information in the New Faculty Resources document, under "Getting Started")
    10. MyVU password - Dean or College Secretary (more information in the New Facult Resources document, under "Getting Started")


Course Overview and Advising Guide
Workshops / Handouts / Tutorials
List of Internet Teaching Resources
VU Faculty Active Learning Techniques
Teaching Unprepared Students (Kathleen Gabriel Blog)
Lotus Notes Tutorial Guide

Course Outline and Course Syllabus:

Learning Objects
SMART Classrooms