Requesting Academic Accommodations


In the college setting, it is the student's responsibility to initiate and follow through with the accommodaiton process.  However, staff in the Disability Services (DS) office at Vincennes University is happy to help all qualified students with disabilities obtain reasonable accommodations from their professors.

Please follow these procedures for obtaining accommodations for Accuplacer testing and for the classes you will be taking for credit at Vincennes University:

  1. Appropriate documentation supporting requests for accommodations must be submitted to the attention of the Director of Disability Services at Vincennes University by one of the following methods:  email: OR fax: 812-888-2087 OR mail: 1002 North 1st St, Vigo Hall south lobby, Vincennes, Indiana 47591, before accommodations will be endorsed by the VU Disability Services office.
  2. Since IEP's and other school plans are not used to determine college-level accommodations, please do not send your IEP or 504 Plan as your primary documentation of disability, since this will delay your receipt of accommodations on the Accuplacer tests or in your classes.  See Documentation Requirements for more detailed information about appropriate documentation to submit.
  3. Once the VU Director of Disability Services reviews your documentation and determines appropriate accommodations for your situation, you will receive a letter in the mail which verifies those accommodations. Please note this is not the same letter you will give to your professors to receive accommodations in your classes.
  4. If you choose to receive accommodations for the Accuplacer Tests, you will be directed to contact the VU Assessment Center for assistance in making appropriate arrangements for taking the tests with accommodations, at an approved VU test site of your choice.
  5. In order to receive accommodations in your classes, you will need to contact the DS office every semester to sign a Release for Accommodations form so DS staff will be able to work with your professors. At that time, you will be given accommodation memos to take to your professors to receive your accommodations.
  6. You must present this accommodation memo to each of your professors, or your professors will not know you qualify for accommodations. We recommend you take this memo to them in the privacy of their offices during office hours, and discuss with them in detail how the accommodation process will work in their individual classes.
  7. If you have any questions, concerns or encounter any problems in receiving accommodations for testing or in your Vincennes University classes, please contact the VU Director of Disability Services at 812-888-4501 for assistance.