Guidelines for Documenting Disabilities


Documentation of your disability must be received and your eligibility verified in the office of Disability Services before our staff is able to endorse your qualification for test accommodations on the Accuplacer tests, or for specific academic accommodations from your professors. Please request or download a Documentation Requirements information sheet to take to your licensed professional or specialist. This information cover sheet directs your specialist to attach either a Diagnostic Narrative (letter) or a Diagnostic Test Report (psychoeducational testing) and send this documentation to the office of Disability Services. Please also include a copy of your most recent school plan, such as an IEP or 504 Plan, if you have one.  This plan shows your history of accommodation use and assists us in determining the most appropriate accommodations for your situation. Once received in our office, your documentation will be evaluated and you will be sent a letter concerning the status of your eligibility for specific academic accommodations.

Please feel free to contact the Disability Services office at 812/888-4501 if you have questions or concerns about your documentation, the type of professional that is appropriate to document your disability, or if you need assistance in completing the process.