Early College/Project EXCEL Dual Credit


In the college setting, the accommodations you receive may not be exactly the same ones you receive in your high school, since the laws that apply to colleges and universities are not the same laws that apply to your K through 12 school system. Vincennes University reserves the right to determine appropriate accommodations for students who will be taking Accuplacer tests and classes for college-level credit at Vincennes University. However, you will still receive IEP or 504 Plan accommodations for those classes you take for high school credit, only.

Please follow these procedures for obtaining accommodations for Accuplacer testing and for the classes you will be taking for credit at Vincennes University:

  1. Appropriate documentation supporting requests for accommodations must be submitted by your Teacher of Record, high school counselor, or an appropriate administrator at the school you will be attending to the attention of the Director of Disability Services at Vincennes University by one of the following methods, email: DisabilityServices@vinu.edu OR fax:  812-888-2087 OR mail:  1002 North 1st St, Vigo Hall south lobby, Vincennes, Indiana 47591.
  2. Since IEP's and other school plans are not used to determine college-level accommodations, please do not send your IEP or 504 Plan as your primary documentation of disability, as this may cause a delay in your receipt of accommodations on the Accuplacer tests or in your classes. See Documentation Requirements for more detailed information about appropriate documentation to submit.
  3. Once the VU Director of Disability Services reviews your documentation and determines appropriate accommodations for your situation, you will receive a letter confirming your approved accommodations.  In the same envelope, you will receive a second letter to give to your Teacher of Record, high school counselor, or the administrator at your school to receive your accommodations.
  4. If you choose to receive accommodations on the Accuplacer tests, you will also be directed to contact the VU Assessment Center for assistance in making appropriate arrangements for taking the tests with accommodations at an approved VU test site of your choice.
  5. If you have any questions, concerns or encounter any problems receiving accommodations for testing or in your Vincennes University credit classes, please contact the VU Director of Disability Services at 812-888-4501 for assistance.

Please refer to the High School vs. College page on this website for more information on the differences between high school and college accommodations, or by reviewing our Frequently Asked Questions document.