Accessible Housing, Safety and Parking


Students who require accessible residence hall rooms or unique accommodations in their housing assignments due to a disability or chronic health condition may request an adjustment to their residence hall assignments as an accommodation. In such situations, students should check the appropriate box on the housing application and provide a Housing Adjustment Request form, completed in part by a physician, to the office of Disability Services (DS).  Once the completed form is received by DS, the student's accommodation request will be verified as being disability-related to the Housing and Residential Life Office, and if approved and appropriate, additional housing fees may be waived. Housing and Residential Life staff review each request, consult with the DS office, and determine if appropriate housing assignments are available.  If the student's request requires structural modifications, that request must be submitted at least 60 days prior to move-in to the housing facility. IMPORTANT NOTE:  after a Housing Adjustment Form has been submitted to DS, students must contact the Housing and Residential Life Office at 812-888-4225 to finalize arrangements for their housing assignments.


Any student with a disability who requests an exception to VU’s pet policy, found in the Residence Hall Handbook, or the use of a service, emotional support, comfort, or therapy animal in a campus housing facility is asked to submit an Assistance Animal Registration form, a Letter of Prescription, verification of vaccinations, and a signed verification of house training to DS. Once your animal has been approved to live in your residence, your will be asked to sign either an Animal Agreement for Dogs or an Animal Agreement for Cats, depending on your animal.  A Housing Adjustment Request form is not necessary unless other accommodations, in addition to an assistance animal, are needed in the housing facility. Please note only service animals, not emotional support, comfort, or therapy animals, are allowed in campus buildings other than housing facilities.


The safety of all students in Vincennes University housing is a primary concern and requires the cooperative effort of those who live and work in the residence halls. For students who have physical or health issues which may require medical care or who may need assistance with emergency evacuation, please describe in detail those issues/needs on the housing data card that students are asked to fill out upon "check-in" into the residence halls. It is imperative that all students plan in advance for their own safe evacuation in emergency situations, and discuss in detail any assistance they may need with residence hall staff, PRIOR to the occurrance of an emergency situation!

Additionally, any student who feels unsafe traveling across campus, especially after dark or after a night class may call the VU Polilce station at 812-888-5555 to request a police escort and transport back to the residence halls or to a personal vehicle.  The same is true during inclement weather or if you  have a motorized wheelchair that leaves you stranded on campus; you may contact the VU Police for assistance.


Vincennes University honors all state-issued disability parking placards and license plates in designated areas of each parking lot on campus.  Please contact your state's Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) for information concerning required documentation and the process for obtaining a valid, state-issued disability parking permit.