Welcome to  VU Disability Services


At Vincennes University, resources are offered through the office of Disability Services to help students overcome or compensate for obstacles related to a physical, emotional, learning or other disability. Staff evaluates disability documentation and endorses those accommodations that help lessen the impact of a student’s specific symptoms or functional limitations on academic performance.  Some of the resources available include: endorsement of reasonable classroom accommodations with faculty, assistance in obtaining alternative format textbooks (e-text) and assistive technology, arrangements for sign language interpreter and captioning services, and refer­ral to community agencies. Staff also assists faculty by distributing information through group educational presentations and indi­vidual consultations, and by coordinating with them to ensure that the most appropriate accommodations are provided to students with disabilities. We encourage students and their families to read more about the office of Disability Services and the accommodation process by downloading our
Student Guide to Disability Services.


It is recommended that all University supports and academic resources be identified and arranged before students with disabilities begin their first semester of classes. Interested students are asked to complete registration in the office of Disability Services as soon as possible, which includes providing professional documentation/evidence of a disability and the need for specific accommodations. It is important to note that qualification for accommodations is not automatic in college for students who may have qualified for accommodations in high school. It is necessary for students to provide very specific and detailed information to assist us in determining the most appropriate accommodations for their situations. Interested students should provide the office of Disability Services with a copy of their most recent, complete psychological test report or a detailed diagnostic narrative from their treating specialist. A Documentation Requirements information sheet, which describes the information that must be included in a student's professional documentation, is available to take to the student's professional to assist in obtaining relevant documentation.  Students may also choose to provide a copy of their most recent Individual Education Plan (IEP) or school plan, but this plan is not a substitute for the professional documentation listed above.  

IF YOU KNOW IN ADVANCE YOU WILL BE REQUESTING ACCOMMODATIONS THAT REQUIRE PURCHASE, SCHEDULING OR ADDITIONAL STAFF/FUNDING, IT IS ESSENTIAL YOU NOTIFIY DISABILITY SERVICES STAFF AT LEAST 60 DAYS IN ADVANCE. This includes all assistive technology, alternate format textbooks, sign language interpreters or CART services, captioned videos/films, a modified environment or use of an assistance animal, including in University Housing facilities.  If you do not provide us with adequate notice of your accommodation needs, we cannot guarantee your accommodations will be timely. 


Students with documented disabilities who choose to request accommodations for the Accuplacer (placement) tests, including tests taken at approved off-campus test sites, should follow these steps in setting an appointment:

1. Register for Disability Services (see above) before scheduling an appointment for testing.  Once we have identified appropriate accommodations, we will verify those accommodations with the Assessment Center staff.
2. BEFORE attending StartVU, contact the Assessment Center at (812) 888-5404 to schedule a separate appointment for testing with accommodations, EVEN IF YOU WILL BE TESTING DURING A STARTVU DAY.   Please note:  if you will be testing with accommodations on the Accuplacer tests during StartVU, you must tell testing staff that you are testing in the Assessment Center with accommodations, so they can direct you to the Assessment Center for testing. Testing staff will not know you require accommodations unless you tell them!
3. Accuplacer tests taken at an approved off-campus testing site still require you to call the Assessment Center at (812) 888-5404, so staff can assist in arranging your accommodations at the remote testing site.  Please note, VU cannot guarantee that testing sites not affiliated with Vincennes University will be able to provide all appropriate accommodations.


If you're a student who will be graduating soon and you need accommodations in order to participate in Commencement Ceremonies or the Honors Convocation, please contact Leslie Smith, Director of Disability Services in the south lobby of Vigo Hall or by calling 812-888-4501 early in the semester before graduation day. We want to make sure all of your experiences during this exciting and stressful time are positive!

Please note:  All seating for guests is open bleacher seating.  If you have family or friends who have special seating needs, please advise them to arrive early or send a representative to save seats.  Wheelchair access is available from the west end entrance and wheelchair seating spaces are available, but limited.  For guests who have difficulty sitting in open bleacher seating, we recommend bringing a small cushion or stadium seat to assist with personal comfort.  Guests who also have difficulty with stairs are encouraged to watch the Commencement Ceremonies in the adjacent Jefferson Union, where ground floor, chairback seating is available.


If you have questions,concerns or would like to submit documentation to register for accommodations, we encourage you to contact the director of Disability Services.  We are located in the south lobby of Vigo Hall, a student residence hall next to the Tecumseh Dining Center.  Please use the following contact information for sending your documentation to Disability Services:

VU Disability Services
1002 North First Street
Vincennes, IN  47591
Phone:  812.888.4501
Fax:      812.888.2087


Vincennes University does not charge any additional fees to a qualified student with a disability for the provision of reasonable and appropriate accommodations for a disability.