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We provide information and services to older adults, individuals with disabilities of any age and their caregivers in Daviess, Dubois, Greene, Knox, Martin and Pike counties.

From nutrition to arranging the right in-home services, our job is to connect individuals with the right programs and services to help improve their quality of life. Generations is a program of Vincennes University’s Community Service Division.

 Generations' Mission

  "To offer older adults, individuals with disabilities and caregivers options for a better quality of life."

National Healthcare Decision Day - April 16th National Healthcare Decision Day - April 16th


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Your contribution can help your friends and neighbors continue to live independently in their own homes.


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Generations Magazine is a free publication especially for active and informed adults that made its debut in the fall of 1998. Promoting successful aging for individuals in pre-retirement and retirement years, the magazine provides helpful information on a wide array of topics including health and fitness, caregiving and legal issues, investment and financial advice, and light reading to educational opportunities available through many outreach efforts and programs. Featured guest writers bring additional expertise and creditability to the magazine’s professionalism and dedication to quality.

Generations Magazine is published 3 times a year and is sent to more than 5,000 subscribers. With advertiser support, we are able to provide the magazine free of charge to our readers.  To be added to our mailing list, email your name and address to Linda Yochum at lyochum@vinu.edu or call 1-800-742-9002.

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The Alzheimer’s Association provides caregivers and families with comprehensive online resources and information Their professionally staffed 24/7 Helpline (1.800.272.3900) offers information and advice to more than 250,000 callers each year. 
Visit their website at:  www.alz.org

The Support Group for Caregivers of Loved Ones with Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementia meets the second Tuesday of each month at 4 p.m. at Central Church of Christ (Fellowship Hall), 1600 Forbes Road, Vincennes.  The meetings provide the latest information on Alzheimer's research and medications, help and encouragement from other caregivers and open but confidential discussions and a chance to be heard.  For more information, contact Roger Wright, Support Group Facilitator, at (812) 882-7963 or centralccc@gmail.com.


Generations’ column for April 16, 2017

UPCOMING MATTER OF BALANCE CLASS IN BICKNELL: Generations is offering A Matter of Balance: Managing Concerns About Falls in Bicknell.    Classes will be held on Tuesdays from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at Thursday Church, 218 Main St., Bicknell starting on April 18th and ending on June 6th. This eight-week program is offered free of charge, but pre-registration is required.  Each class is limited to 15 people.  A workbook is provided and refreshments are served.  Please call Alma Kramer at 812-888-4527 to register or for more information.


APRIL 16TH IS NATIONAL HEALTHCARE DECISION DAY:  Despite recent gains in public awareness of the need for advance care planning, studies indicate that most Americans have not exercised their right to make decisions about their healthcare in the event that they cannot speak for themselves.  The National Healthcare Decisions Day, April 16, will help Americans understand that making future healthcare decisions includes much more than deciding what care they would or would not want; it starts with expressing preferences, clarifying values, identifying care preferences and selecting an agent to express healthcare decisions if patients are unable to speak for themselves. The National Healthcare Decisions Day (NHDD) initiative is a collaborative effort of national, state and community organizations committed to ensuring that all adults with decision-making capacity in the United States have the information and opportunity to communicate and document their healthcare decisions.  For more information on National Healthcare Decision Day, visit www.nhdd.org.


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED AT THE HUMANE SOCIETY:  Love animals?  Like to volunteer?  Then the Humane Society could use your help!  The daily cleaning and feeding is taken care of by a few members and socialization with the cats is always appreciated.  However, there are other ways that you can help.  Are you interested in talking to groups?  Do you like newsletters?  Maybe your forte is fundraising or building maintenance.  If you are interested in helping the Humane Society, please plan on attending the Humane Society meeting on May 9th at 6 p.m. at the Holiday Inn Express. 


MEALS ON WHEELS NEEDS YOUR HELP:  Due to the increasing number of older individuals in our service area, coupled with limited and decreasing funds, Meals on Wheels is in great need of community support.  For over 40 years, Generations has acted as a safety net to ensure that frail older adults have access to basic nutrition. We are, once again, asking for your help!  Your donation could mean the difference to someone who could be facing the difficult decision between purchasing their medications or purchasing food.  If you would like to donate, please contact Generation at 800-742-9002.  Or you can mail donations to:  Generations, P.O. Box 314, Vincennes, IN 47591.  Please mark your donation specifically for Meals on Wheels.  Thank you for your support!!


GENERATIONS MAGAZINE:  The spring issue of Generations magazine is out!  Our magazine is geared toward adults in pre-retirement and retirement years and promotes active aging and preventive health. It is published three times a year and is free to subscribers.  All we need is your name and address. If you would like to receive future copies of the magazine, contact Brenda Hancock at 812-888-5146 or bhancock@vinu.edu.

Generations, Area 13 Agency on Aging & Disability, is a program of Vincennes University’s Community Services Division.  Our agency connects individuals and caregivers to community resources and options for long-term care and in-home services.  For more information, call 1-800-742-9002 or 812-888-5880 or visit our website at www.generationsnetwork.org.

Generations Beacon Article - April Generations Beacon Article - April

Give Peace of Mind: Advance Care Planning

Provided by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


What Is Advance Care Planning?

CDC's public health activities to prevent and control disease include a substantial focus on chronic disease management. Advance care planning can be a gift you give yourself and your family. It is about doing what you can to ensure that your wishes and preferences are consistent with the health care treatment you might receive if you were unable to speak for yourself or make your own decisions.

While many of us do not like to think that we will ever need such a plan, too often the lack of advance care planning can result in questioning, confusion, or disagreement among family members trying to envision what you would want if you were unable to speak for yourself.

How Can a Plan Help Me and My Family?

A plan relieves family members from wondering if they "did the right thing" on your behalf. A plan also provides your health care team with information on your health care preferences and if you would want life-sustaining measures if there appeared to be little likelihood of your recovery.

For the many older Americans living today with one or more chronic conditions, advance care planning is an important part of chronic disease self-management. While some people living with a chronic disease enjoy a reasonably good quality of life, in many cases, chronic diseases are ultimately accompanied by slow, extended periods of decline and disability. For some, the time may come when they are unable to speak for themselves or make their own decisions regarding health care.

It is during this time that you want to ensure your voice is heard, and your wishes and preferences regarding health care and heroic measures are known and honored. Having an advance directive for health care enables you to do that. Ask your family members to join you in watching this short video, "Speak Up," about the difference advance care planning can make.

Communicating and Documenting Your Wishes

An important part of advance care planning involves having conversations with family members and other loved ones about what you would want in the event of a life-threatening illness or injury, and then, most importantly, documenting your preferences in writing through an instrument such as an advance directive.

An advance directive can include the name of the individual whom you have chosen to speak and make decisions on your behalf. This person, your "health care proxy" or "durable power of attorney for health care" should be someone you trust and someone who understands and will strive to honor and carry out your wishes.

Once you've completed your advance directive, ensure that copies are provided to your health care proxy, your health care providers, your hospital, and others whom you think should have the information. You may want to review your advance directive from time to time, but for the most part, once you have taken the important step to complete one, you can be comfortable knowing that your wishes and preferences are known, and thus much more likely to be followed.

Every Penny Counts.

For as little as $25 a month, you can provide a family in need with the peace of mind that comes from owning their own Personal Emergency Response System. For $50, you can give a caregiver what he or she needs most: an afternoon out of the house with the help of our respite care program. And for less than that, you can provide our clients with Meals on Wheels gift certificates, transportation tokens, and even one-of-a-kind Teddy Bears. The point is, your contribution can help our friends and neighbors continue to live independently.

To help us meet our mission and financial challenges, we’ve established the "Looking to the Future" endowment through the Vincennes University Foundation. In addition, donations may also be made to Generations endowment through the Dubois County Community Foundation, Huntingburg Community Foundation and Greene County Community Foundation.

If you're interested in learning more about donating to Generations, you may click the donation button on home page of our website, or give us a call at 1-800-742-9002. You may also donate by mail.  Your tax-deductible gift to Generations may be mailed to:

1019 N. 4th Street P.O. Box 314 Vincennes, IN 47591

Generations is thankful for the financial support provided by United Way, Community Foundations and charitable businesses, organizations and individuals in our communities.