Strategic Plan

Vincennes University Strategic Plan

The 2017-2022 Strategic Plan spells out the vision, values, and priorities designed to help VU effectively complete its mission.  See also the progress updates, which show VU's progress towards completing the goals. 

Strategic Plan Priorities

2017-2022 Strategic Plan Overview

  1. Enhance Enrollment and Recruitment Efforts
  2. Emphasize Partnerships with Industry, K-12, and Higher Education
  3. Improve Student Retention and Success
  4. Cultivate Internal and External Resources
  5. Identify and Investigate Opportunities to Establish New Programs and Enhance Existing Programs
  6. Develop and Implement a Communication Strategy the Promotes and Reinforces VU's Role and Identity with Indiana and Elsewhere.

2017-2022 Strategic Plan Priorities Worksheet

Premier Learning Institution

The Premier Learning Institution document was prepared by the Core Committee, an outgrowth of the 2011 Strategic Planning Goal VI Committee.  Appointed by the University President, the Core Committee was charged with establishing the goals and standards of a premier learning institution. 

The Premier Learning Institution document was developed as a first step toward defining "premier" as stated in the University's Vision and the Strategic Plan.  The document will also be used as a measurement tool in assessing the University's improvement projects.

IE Team

Contact Information:
Michael Gress, Director of Institutional Effectiveness

Chad Bebee, Interim Director of Assessment
Phone: 812-888-5369

Carmen Ridgway, Secretary of Institutional Effectiveness

Office Phone:  812-888-4275
Fax:  812-888-2055