Marine Corps Career Colleges Program

Marine Corps Career Colleges Program

Vincennes University is a participating institution in the Marine Corps Career Colleges Program (MCCCP). 

We are ready to provide you with the guidance and tools necessary to complete your MOS-related Associates Degree while serving world-wide in the Marines.

With over 10 years of experience serving the educational needs of service members worldwide, we deliver. Over 3,000 service members have received their Associates Degree though Vincennes University. It is our desire to assist you to earn your degree.

MOS producing Schools, Marine Corps Institute Courses, Sergeants Distance Education Program, Corporal's Course, and Recruit Training have been evaluated by The American Council on Education for award of college credit.

We will review and evaluate your military training and courses, as shown on your Joint Services Transcript, CLEP and DANTES Tests and traditional education for total college transfer credit.

Listed below are the MOS-related degree roadmaps associated with this program. Click on the degree link for detailed information about each program.

If you are interested in a degree outside of this list, click here.

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