Military Transcript Evaluation

After you complete a course with Vincennes University, your Joint Services Transcript will need sent to the Vincennes campus for processing.

Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard transcripts can be ordered from the JST website.  Air Force transcripts are ordered from the Community College of the Air Force.

The documents will be evaluated and entered into a specialized computer program. The program matches the schools and MOS's/AFSC/ Rates with the courses offered at VU. The credit is awarded in accordance with the American Council on Education guide recommendations and in accordance with the courses offered on main campus.

Credits are awarded whenever possible, but given for freshman and sophomore level courses only. Vincennes University cannot award upper division credit because VU is a two-year school.

The entire process, from class completion to transcript takes between 10-12 weeks. Military evaluations will not be delayed waiting for transcripts from other colleges.

The Military Education Program at VU grows with you as you continue your training in the military. When your MOS/Rates are upgraded and as you are awarded a new MOS/Rate and/or complete training schools, we will continue to evaluate your experience and update your transcript.

Questions about Evaluations?
Chris Skinner, Evaluator
Military Education Program
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