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Comments From Our Parents

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"I appreciate the work that you do with the family emails. While my son was there I found the emails informative and helpful. Since Todd graduated this past April, I have taken our emaill address off of your list, but not before I forwarded this email to friends whose son will be headed to VU in August. Thanks again!"
Julie - Proud mom of a successful VU grad

"I loved reading my first VU Enews. It really helped me understand the feelings I have about my son going away to college. You put it in the perfect words for me to look at this new transition for us all. Thank you."
B. Lowden

"My daughter has attended Vincennes University for the last three years and just finished in December. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the help you have been. As a parent leaving their child for the first time I really depended on these e-mails and the calendar to help me, help her, through it all. I had emailed you with questions a few times and you were always so helpful and fast at getting me an answer. I think this link is a big success and I hope it helps new parents as much as it helped me through the years. With great appreciation to you and all the staff at VU."
C. Cunningham, parent of graduation student

"Keep doing what you are and sending out these updates (parent e-news). You and your whole team at VU have been wonderful and really give me as a parent a "warm fuzzy" that you truly care and are there for our students in every way!"
K. Queslati, Kokomo, IN

"My son will be graduating in December from the Conservation Law program.  I just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work you put into keeping parents informed.  although, we have never met I felt better knowing you were there to answer my questions, address my concerns, and relieve my fears."                                                                     
J. Heflin, Galveston, IN

“It has been incredibly helpful to have a Parent Services Coordinator. As a parent of a freshman, there were many questions that popped up throughout the year. By simply calling the toll-free phone number, I was able to get the answers I needed."
S. Whitney, Webster Groves, MO

"At Vincennes University we were lucky to find a university that cared about the parents along with the students. We were able to help guide our daughter through the advice we received from the Parent Services Coordinator. Whether it was direction in helping our student look for on campus jobs or a need to know about student loans, Cindy’s response was right on target.” 
 S. Whitney, Webster Groves, MO

“…when he called I knew of the activities and could talk about them as well as the really important things. Conversation flowed freely with so much to talk about and that is a good thing.” 
C. Denny, Lanesville, IN

“It certainly helps parents, help their student.” 
K. Williams, Martinsville, IN

“One of the best things about VU is the great communication between the staff and the students.” 
D. Fleenor, Mitchell, IN

“I was pleased to find that a parent session was scheduled…Your presentation was warm, friendly, informative, and humorous…When Caleb went off to college, he was our youngest, our only son. Most folks think this is just hard on mom, but dad had adjustments to make also. Your advice and tips for parents helped my wife and I make needed adjustments in our parenting approach.” 
M. Spencer, Franklin, IN

“I hope more parents take advantage of the services you provide. I feel like over the past two years, I have made a friend…a good source of objective feedback to me and have always kept a positive approach to the role that parents can and should play while their young adults are away at college.” 
M. Spencer, Franklin, IN

“When a child leaves for college it is not only a new phase for them, it is also for the parents. Parents can elect to receive monthly e-mails with all the happenings on campus, along with schedules and deadlines…you are never out of the loop…and the best part is a direct line to someone who can help…what a great communication line! It helps you and your student have a successful college experience.” 
K. Williams, Martinsville, IN