Getting Started

Credit Bearing Programs:

1. Apply for Admission to VU.

  • Make sure to indicate on the application that you are participating in the NextLevel Jobs initiative to have your application fee waived.

2. Fill out a FAFSA.

  • FAFSA = Free Application for Federal Student Aid.  File it annually to be eligible for federal financial aid and state grants.  Some scholarship donors also require filing the FAFSA.  Vincennes University's college code is 001843. All campuses of VU—Vincennes, Jasper, Aviation Technology Center, and American Sign Language Program—use this number.

Non-Credit Bearing Programs:

  • Contact Martha Thomson at or 812-888-5284 for more information on how to pursue your desired program of study.


Contact Us!

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NextLevel Jobs / Workforce Ready Grant


Eligible students can qualify for Workforce Ready Grant funds from the State of Indiana!

The grant covers full tuition costs for eligible Hoosiers who pursue certificates in one of the following high-growth sectors of Indiana’s economy: advanced manufacturing, building & construction, health & life sciences, information technology & business services, and transportation & logistics.  

To qualify for a Workforce Ready Grant, one must meet the following minimum criteria:

· Must be an Indiana Resident

· Must possess a high school diploma or its equivalent

· Must not have previously received either an associate or bachelor’s degree

· Must file a 2017-2018 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) [Only for Credit Bearing Programs]

· Must enroll in one of the approved grant qualifying programs. (See Below)

The full grant eligibility requirements can be found here:  



Credit Bearing Qualifying Programs

*Click each area of industry to see the credit bearing NLJ qualifying programs VU offers in that area.

Advanced Manufacturing

Building & Construction

Health & Life Sciences

I.T. & Business Services

Transportation & Logistics



Non-Credit Bearing Qualifying Programs

*Click each area of industry to see the non-credit bearing NLJ qualifying programs VU offers in that area.

Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing Machine Technician (AMMT) NOW

Building & Construction

Hydraulics Training

Pneumatic Troubleshooting

Basic AC/DC Electrical Systems

Variable Frequency AC Drives